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  • How to attract advertisers to your blog 

    If you are trying to be a professional blogger, then you already know that nothing is more important than advertising. Getting advertisers to give you money in order to advertise on your blog is the best source of income that you can see if you are a blogger that is trying to make a living out of it. And when it comes to getting advertisers interested in your blog, there is nothing more important than traffic. No matter how great your content is and how sleek your blog’s design is, if there is no one coming to your site and no one reading your content, there will be no interest shown from advertisers.

    You need to do everything that you can in order to create traffic to your site, because until you are getting some solid clicks, you are going to be able to convince many people to give you money for putting up ads on a blog that no one visits.

    But if you want to jumpstart your traffic and your advertising efforts, there is always the option of offering some free advertising first. It might sound dumb, but in reality getting some people to advertise on your site for free could help you in the long run. You are at least making contacts, and most importantly, you are making people look at your blog as if there is interest from advertisers there. Remember, nobody but you and the few people that you have given free advertising to know that these ads are free. People will see that there are others advertising with you, and that will pique the interest of other advertisers.

    You can also make a feel stating that the advertising will be free for a couple of months, and then if they are satisfied with the clicks and visits they are getting with the ads, a deal on further advertisements can be negotiated.

    When you are finally ready to pitch your blog to potential advertisers, you really have to have your statistics down. Get very familiar with Google Analytics and make sure that you know what you are talking about when you are giving the facts to potential clients.

    Doing some research about potential advertisers is of course important too. Visit successful blogs within your niche and see the types of advertisers that they are getting. It is important to understand your niche and to understand what type of people would potentially be interested in advertising with you.

    It is important to remember not to rush into this. You need to put a lot of time and effort into your blog before you can expect to get any advertising. Work on getting your design perfected and your content steady, and if the traffic comes after this, then the advertising will come to. It is all about getting readers to not only come to your blog regularly in large numbers, but also stay there for longer periods of time.

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